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Bars & Clubs

Looking for a new DJ for your Bar or Club?
The Party Shakers are the DJ's for you. Whether you have an in house
sound system already set up or you would like to add some thump to to your
establishment, we can do it for you. We use only professional DJ gear, which
can easily plug in to exsisting systems. If you are looking to add music to
a dancefloor, we can bring our sound to you. Although we do not currently
offer Karaoke, we do have contacts with Karaoke DJ's if you would be interested
in having a multiple night package for your bar/club.
The Party Shakers have been working in the club/bar scene since 1999 playing a
variety of music formats to a wide range of audiences.

Bring Us in for an Audition night and we'll play for Free!