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 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
(see bottom of the page for a link to a sample contract)
1. How long have you been in Business?
I have been in business since March of 1999.
2. How many people do you contract or employ?
I have one assistant and do not contract out work.
3. Are we allowed to submit a music list of some type?
You can submit a music list at one of our consultations or at anytime leading up to your event.
4. What is the attire suitable for your Wedding DJs?
At your request we will wear Tuxedos. Normally we wear suits.
5. How vast is your music collection?
We have over 10,000 titles and which cover a wide genre of music.
7. How many functions have you performed at?
We perform weekly at a nightclub and have performed over 50 events(birthdays, holiday, weddings)
8. Do you require a deposit? How much?
The deposit is based on your overall price. Normally $75 - $100.
9. Do you accept major credit cards for payment?
10. Is there someone to replace you in case of sickness?
11. What is the cost for entertainment?
We try and make it affordable for everyone, so please call for prices.
13. How much is it for an Extra Hour?
Overtime is charged at $75 per hour.
14. When does the DJ come to set up?
Depending on what type of event. We require at least 1 hour for preparation.
15. Does the entertainer require meals?
It is not necessary to provide a meal.
16. Do you offer a free consult prior to function?
All consultations are free. We recommend at least two with one being a face to face meeting.
17. What type of music format does the DJ Use?
Compact Discs
18. What type of sound system do you have?
We use a Crown Amplfier, Peavey Speakers and an EV Sub.
19. Is your equipment in good condition?
All MY equipment is in excellent conditon.

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